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Tools, support & monetization to make you a fitness mogul

Once you create content that people love, we offer the best tools to monetize and engage your community


See your community grow

Get access to your members’ data and our software integrations so you know who is supporting you


Schedule content releases

Record your content in advance and schedule it to be released over time. Need a vacation? No problem

Convert Audience

Solin guidance and marketing

Leverage Solin’s strategy team and marketing playbook to optimally launch and grow your audience over time

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Build and expand your brand

Share your Solin page and immediately start driving your community to join your page on Solin

Ways to Earn

Individual Live Class Sessions

One Time Special Events



Recurring Subscriptions


Features to Grow Your Audience

Expansive Content Options

Drop in Live Classes

One Time Paid Events

Marketing and Promo Codes


Software Integrations


"Solin is absolutely amazing and everything I could have asked for. I was looking and looking for a new platform for my classes and Solin hit every nail on the head."

Tara Frost

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