4 Week Full Body Challenge

with Bethy Red

4 Week Full Body Challenge

with Bethy Red

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  • Private community & social experience like never before - chat with Me & Others directly in the Challenge!
  • Challenge Starts April 11th! Let's do this!
  • Daily Workouts, Live Q&A's, Supplement Tips & More!!

From Bethy


✔️ For women & men of ALL fitness levels

✔️ Start Date April 11th – End Date May 9th

✔️ Exclusive community group - chat with me directly

✔️ Daily workouts

✔️ Sets, reps, exercises, form tips, & more

✔️ Weekly live Q&A + check-ins

✔️ Supplement Guide & Stack Recommendations

✔️$50 Women's Best Gift Card for Top Community Performer

✔️ More PRIZES!



✔️ 5 Days Training / Week + 2 rest days

✔️ Full Body Focus

✔️ Gym Workout with Home Workouts Modifications



So many of y’all have been asking for a challenge – I had to deliver!


This 4 Week challenge is designed to kick your entire body back into gear for summer. Whether you're getting back into fitness for the first time in months (or years) or a seasoned athlete, we'll have workouts & protocol designed for you. 


April 11th, let's all put in that work together. It's time to get our year off on the right foot! 


Let's get it team!! 🔥

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