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Chayse Byrd

Beginners Guide to Intuitive Weightlifting (6 Weeks)

with Chayse Byrd


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  • 6 week gym training protocol
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Welcome everybody! I'm so excited to be releasing a program that is consistent with the way I train - intuitively! This is a program that is meant to help you improve in the gym without needing to have that strict structure that a lot of people feel like they need to follow to see results. 

Program Overview
✔️ 6 days training / week (2x upper / 2x lower / 2x cardio)

✔️ Lifting education, definitions, & tips/tricks 

✔️ Exclusive community group

✔️ Daily workouts (3x options / day)

✔️ Sets, reps, exercises, & cardio recommendations

✔️ & More

This program follows my structure of ~6 days training / week (2x upper body, 2x lower body, 2x cardio). In it, I provide 3 different workout options for each day as well as some general training principles & education if you want to craft your own workouts. 

The goal is to give you guidance & structure to follow if you want, but also allow you to mix & match exercises if you want to switch it up. I truly believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so we want to keep every day fun & different! This also allows this ‘6-week’ program to last you months, if not years, or even a lifetime!

Of course, if you prefer to follow each day strictly, you can do that too and pick from any of the options I've provided. I appreciate you all trusting me to help guide you on your fitness journey and can't wait to build an incredible community here!

Chayse Byrd

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