Theresa Ivancik

TI 6-Week Body Sculpting Challenge

with Theresa Ivancik

Theresa Ivancik

TI 6-Week Body Sculpting Challenge

with Theresa Ivancik

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✔️ [For women & men of ALL fitness levels]

✔️ [Start Date – End Date ([30] Days)]

✔️ Exclusive community group

✔️ [Daily workouts]

✔️ [Sets, reps, exercises, form tips, & more]

✔️ [Weekly live Q&A + check-in]

✔️ [Meal plan + nutrition guide]

✔️ [Mention prizes if you have any]

✔️ & More



✔️ [5 Days Training / Week + 2 rest days]

✔️ [Full Body Fat Burn Focus]

✔️ [Bodyweight Only - No Equipment Needed]



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So many of y’all have been asking for a full body fat burn challenge – I had to deliver!

This 14 day challenge is designed to kick your entire body back into gear for the new year. Whether you're getting back into fitness for the first time in months (or years) or a seasoned athlete, we'll have workouts & protocol designed for you. The focus is full body & fat burning - we're going to ramp up that metabolism and get you moving. 


January 3rd, let's all put in that work together. It's time to get our year off on the right foot! 💪🏿


Let's get it team!! 🔥

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