EC 3

#Manifestation Challenge II & III

with EC 3

100% User Satisfaction Score

EC 3

#Manifestation Challenge II & III

with EC 3

100% User Satisfaction Score

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Welcome to #Manifestation Challenge Phase II & III

✔️If you are here, you completed Phase 1 of the Physical Manifestation Challenge and are on your way to achieving your physical goals & becoming the person you are supposed to be. 

✔️ You're serious about investing in yourself

✔️ You're challenging yourself

✔️ You're evolving & controlling your narrative



✔️ Starts February 21st

✔️ For: Those who completed part 1! Beginner to intermediate level. Male Centric, Female Modified Workouts!

✔️ Goals: Weight Loss. Muscle Increase. Aesthetic Rejuvenation. Path to success for rest of the year!

✔️ Tools: Insulin Reset via low carb protocol. Re-addition of carbs. Intermittent Fasting approved, not required.

✔️ Calculating Macros

✔️ Exclusive Project Narrative community group - Talk to me, Talk to others who are on the same path to success.

✔️ Detailed daily workouts (sets, reps, rest time, form tips)



✔️ Nutrition guidance & meal planning hacks

✔️ Food options & my personal grocery list

✔️ Supplement Guidance

✔️ Sleep tips

✔️ Cardio Recommendations

✔️ Check Ins Via Community Feed



✔️ Standard Gym Equipment is Required



If you commit. If you follow the plan. If you put in the effort, you will achieve everything you desire.



If you want to gift this challenge to a friend, please create your account & purchase with the email address of the intended “gift” recipient and reach out directly to the Solin team - management@solinfitness.com - with the subject line: “Project Narrative Challenge”

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100% User Satisfaction Score

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James I.

October 2022


EC3 is the real deal. Following his guidance help me do things I never thought possible. Life changing!

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